Tuning Drum Shells

Tuning the Bass Drum
Looking for that BIG sound? Find out how to tune "old school" style.

Tuning the Snare Drum
How to get your snare to sound great with a proven method that has done the test of time!

Tuning the Rack and Floor Toms
A detailed look into how this tuning method on the toms has worked successfully now for decades.

Tuning the Kit
Get all three videos to save time and money and get your drum kit tensioned quickly!

Tuning the Kit on DVD
Get all three videos sent to you on a DVD!

Playing Techniques

Lesson 1
Foot Technique

Lesson 2
Rolls Ascending and Descending

Lesson 3
The Upstroke Kick Lick

Lesson 4
Bouncing the Bass Drum

Lesson 5

Lesson 6
Coordinating the Bass and Snare Drum

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