Session Drumming

I've been getting a GREAT drum sound in my studio and this sound can be a part of your music also.

I am offering my studio, drumming and mixing abilities to any artist that needs a drum part but doesn't want to pay top dollar for a top sound!

The recording system I have in place enables me to achieve incredible results.

All you have to do is send me your song with a drum part that you had in mind or I'll make one up for you and record it. If you want, just send me your song for me to have a listen to for free!

Once complete, you have the option of being sent all the RAW multi track files or a stereo 2-track mix or both!

1. Drum kit multitrack recording:
  • up to 10 minutes in length

  • based on your instructions

  • once complete YOU OWN the files with no further royalty payments required

  • using quality mics going into a 32 channel Allen & Heath analog console sent to high resolution DACS and recorded on a dedicated tracking computer (12 separate multi tracks or more as needed)

    Allen & Heath GL4 32 channel

  • you request the bit rate and resolution (24 bit - 48kHz max.) WAV or AIF files

  • recorded in a large room - 55 feet x 45 feet with 10 foot ceilings

  • Sound is mixed through my main monitors made by Tannoy.

    Tannoy 3809 Driver
    Tannoy 3809 15"

    You can even choose the drum shells!

      Ludwig Classic Maple Professional series

      Bass drums:

      Floor toms:

      Rack toms:

      Snare drums:
        8x14 (maple coliseum)
      6.5x14 (aluminum supraphonic LM402)
      5.5x14 (steel shell)
      3.7x14 (brass Carl Palmer signature model)

    You can choose the cymbals too!

      Paiste Cymbals

      Ride: Paiste 2002
      24" 2002
      20" 2002 power ride

      15" 2002 Sound Edge
      14" 2000 Sound Edge Paiste Sound Formula

      20" 2002
      18" 2002
      18" Sound Formula

    Hint: If you want the "Bonham sound" just request the ZEP SET to be used!

  • I will send you a link from my server so you can download the individual multitrack drum tracks as one zip file or a stereo 2-track mix, it's up to you how you want the files.

    • the UNPROCESSED multitracks will enable you with more control over the final drum mix so you can personalize the sound to your needs. Usually I use 12 tracks to record my drum kit, you would get all of them in a zip file.

    • a 2-track stereo mix PROCESSED or UNPROCESSED will already have the drum mix completed. All you have to do is insert the stereo track into your song and you're done.

  • Don't pay before hearing the new drum track!! I will record my drumming part first and then you will have a chance to listen to a sample of the recording before payment is made!

    Rate per song: $70 USD

2. One Modification
  • Usually you will be fully satisfied with the first recorded tracks but in case you are not, let me know and I will make up a one instance modification based on your input and either punch-in the new parts or do another full take to correct any areas not played correctly. This can include up to 5 different parts that need to be changed in the working song.


3. Second and Subsequent Modifications
  • It is very unlikely to have a second or subsequent modifications, but in case I have to, I charge a minimal fee to cover the studio costs.

    $10 USD each mod

4. Full track retake
  • A FULL retake of the drum tracks may happen only if you change your mind entirely and / or would like an entirely different drum part altogether to experiment with. The new recording will be again be based on your instructions.

    $25 USD

If you have any questions, concerns and/or to create a work order, just contact me.

These are some comments made after hearing the drums on completed sessions:

  • You totally nailed it, total success, it's awesome!

  • Well done! A weird job, I know, but I really appreciate it!

  • Perfect!

  • I love the sound of your kit and your playing has great feel.

  • Thanks a ton! And I'll keep you posted on any other songs I could use your feel and sound on!!!

  • All I want to say is thanks and you've done a fantastic job on the tune.

  • Thanks for the track. The sound and feel are spot on, the playing is perfect, and overall the take is great!

  • I am really happy with your professionalism.

  • You're a great musician and got a good sound too. Thanks!

  • We are so happy to work with you! We had so much fun last night with the beats. please take a listen.

  • I dont wanna hear about any other drummer I don't wanna hear about "the new loop drum sound in town". They all say it sounds like "a real one" .... maybe until you hear a real one!

  • Man I lose so much time programming drums.... don't wanna do it anymore LOL

  • many many thanks dan!!!

  • Everything works fine here, I'm having fun

  • Working with your drums makes me smile (after programming for 20 years).

  • Wow, the drums are really great! Yeah, sounds like you had fun, we had fun too :o)

  • I love it, for me its like a holiday.

  • I am really happy and will do the rest of the album with you for sure.

  • yepp. he says 'nice drumming, thanks a lot' !

  • Your drum part gives a new sound. I also feel that I need to play less busy, ex.) less bass notes. The fact that the drum machine felt bad made me try to play a groove on the bass to compensate. In fact, building a song on a drum machine (unless you want lady Gaga) can be fine for some but not my album.