Drum Shell Tuning Instruction

Tuning the Rack and Floor Toms

You will be shown, from beginning to end, tuning techniques that have been used for decades with successful results. Some consider tuning to be a trade secret but any mystery will be revealed here. The sound that you will achieve with this method of tuning will be a natural and open, similar to the sound John Bonham (Bonzo) the drummer for Led Zeppelin had.

This method tunes your toms to perfection and with lasting results. Works on any sized toms. I'll be tuning a 12x14", 16x16" and a 16x18" in this video.


What you will need for this to work out right

*Coated (2-ply) for the batter - Remo Vintage Emperor

*Coated (1-ply) reso head - Remo Ambassador

*A digital Tuner or musical Keyboard


Video Format


*16x9 Widescreen 1280x720

*Progressive Scan


*16 bit, 48kHz. (recorded on 8-tracks using 24 bit/48kHz)



Windows or Mac compatible



Video Details

30 min. 29 sec. 515.11 MB



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